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About the HC Radio Network

Give Hanover students a voice!!!

The two major goals of the Hanover College Radio Network:

1.   Give students a platform where their voice can be heard

2.  Teach the basics of radio broadcasting and provide opportunities for students to learn how radio works.  

"Let's start a radio station..."
The HC Radio Network started as a dream in the minds' of Justin Domingus and Mike McElrath.  They wanted to start a radio station on campus to give students a way to be heard, as well as give students a chance to learn about the field of radio broadcasting.  Justin and Mike applied for a First Year Integration Grant in 2005 and received some money to buy a computer and some basic radio equipment.

On the Air
The station started broadcasting over the Intranet to students and faculty over the summer of 2006.  Justin got the station up and running and when the school year started, several students showed interest in being DJs on the station.  As the year progressed, more and more students started getting their own shows and signing up for time slots.  Shows varied from independent rock, to sports talk, to bluegrass, to alternative, to hip hop, to just about anything you could think of to listen to.  Most students broadcasted their shows in the evening, sometimes up until the early hours of the morning.

Moving Forward
The HC Radio Network continues to grow.  Students are improving their radio skills with every show and the staff is developing as an organization.  Our next step is moving into the on-demand market, which hopefully this website will pioneer.  We want the radio station to not only broadcast live to the world, but also archive every show so that anyone can login to this site and listen to any show.  Whenever, and wherever they want.  We hope you enjoy the Hanover College Radio Network as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks again!

All comments made on the HC Radio Network belong to those of the students in charge of their show.  The content of HC Radio Network shows does not necessarily represent the views of Hanover College.  Any concerns should be reported to hcradio@hanover.edu

Hanover College Radio Network